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Group Breathwork Sessions

I offer regular group breathwork sessions, in person and online. Sign up here.

Breathing style

Breathing style may vary. I usually combine elements like cyclic hyperventilation, breath holds, slow breathing, and light breathing (with air hunger) – depending on what I want to achieve with a session. 

You find basic information on what to expect in the description of each session.

Get in touch if you have any questions.

What to expect

Sessions are usually 30-90 minutes. With 20-50 minutes of breathwork. You find the details in the description of each session. 

I always explain the breathwork so you know what to do and what to expect. After the breathwork, there is time for shares.

For breathwork in person, I usually provide eye pillows. 


Release stress & blocks, find clarity, and recharge your battery. Usually, you leave lighter, calm, and energized.

Improve your resilience (by staying calm during controlled stressors like hyperventilation or stronger breath holds) and optimize your everyday breathing (by breathing slow and/or light with air hunger). 

And there are more benefits. Also, see what my clients say.

Take a breather

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1:1 Breathwork Sessions

I offer 1:1 breathwork sessions, in person and online. If you are interested, get in touch.

Breathing style

I usually use the gentle and profound method of Clarity Breathwork – a conscious connected breath.

You inhale fully through the mouth, all the way up into your chest (with a silent "ah"). And you exhale fully through the mouth with no effort, just letting your breath fly out (with a silent "ha"). There is no pause between inhale and exhale.

What to expect

Sessions are usually 2 hours.

The 1st hour is a coaching conversation. In the 2nd hour, you breathe and I support your transformation with individual breath cues and questions tailored to your coaching topic.

I recommend a series of 10 sessions to start with. The frequency is usually every other week.


The combination of coaching conversation and breathwork allows for a deeply transformative process. 

During the breathwork, you can release stress and blocks, reach an expanded state of consciousness, and start a deep conversation with yourself. Usually, you leave lighter and with more clarity.

And there are more benefits. Also, see what my clients say.