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Corporate Workshops

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What to expect

Interactive workshops empowering your team through knowledge and experience. I usually combine quick and direct breathing exercises for specific use cases, theoretical background, and a breathwork session. My two main lines of work are:

Self-regulation with breathwork Learn how to regulate the state of your body and mind on demand, with quick and direct breathing exercises. Stay calm in a challenging situation or get in the zone before an important challenge. 

Optimal breathing for peak performance & recovery Learn how to breathe up to your full potential. What is optimal breathing? And how can you optimize your everyday breathing with breathing exercises? 

Workshops are usually 90+ minutes tailored to your needs. In particular, workshops for special occasions (e.g. company event) can be longer or shorter. 

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Self-empowerement through conscious breathing on two levels: 

Quick and direct breathing exercises for everyday life (and understanding how and why they work) Learn how to use your breath to regulate your physical and mental state on demand. Optimize your everyday breathing for peak performance and recovery. So you can become more resilient to stress, reach flow state under pressure, unlock your full potential, and cultivate a more balanced life.

Deeply experience the power of the breath in a breathwork session Release stress & blocks, find clarity, and recharge your battery. Usually, you leave lighter, calm, and energized. Improve your resilience (by staying calm during controlled stressors like hyperventilation or stronger breath holds) and optimize your everyday breathing (by breathing slow and/or light with air hunger). 

And there are more benefits. Also, see what my clients say.