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“Jan's workshop was a nice mix of theory and practice: learning new things and applying them straight away. I particularly liked the practical exercises. The workshop helped me develop a greater awareness for breathing. Game changer!


- Germany


The workshop relaxed me and broadened my horizons. I particularly liked Jan's calm manner and the clear formulation of the goals and applications without being esoteric. My most important takeaway is the opportunity to achieve a new state of mind – to understand breathing as a tool. Breathing can help relieve stress, which is the most common cause of health problems for many of my friends.


- Germany


It’s so wonderful to be in Isabella and Jan’s presence! I love their calm and balanced nature and the way they compliment each other in this so sacred process called breathwork. They create a beautiful and safe space. I was able to process and release stagnant emotions while feeling supported and held by them. Thank you!




When I think about what Jan‘s breathwork sessions mean to me, it’s hard to describe. Because it doesn’t feel like a clear trade of effort vs. output or money vs. service (what one might assume). It’s not something that I do for stress or for some nervous system hygiene. I simply do it (and show up every single week) because of this unique feeling that keeps me curious: 'what’s next?'. The breathwork sessions keep surprising me with new emotions, new insights and frankly: euphoria. They never fail. It’s almost like I am on drugs without the aftermath. I feel grateful and privileged to be able to experience something like this in my life. Thank you!


- Spain


I was a little apprehensive to do the breathwork but I am so glad that I did it. Isabella and Jan were very supportive in the process, of which I had no expectations, and I left feeling light, refreshed and appreciative of my being. I have recommended their sessions to several friends and would encourage anyone else to try it as well. Thank you Isabella and Jan.


- Portugal