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Dr. Jan Sorge

Breathwork & Coaching

Hi, I'm Jan

A Breathwork Practitioner and Coach based in Berlin.

It's my mission to empower people in fast-paced work environments through conscious breathing. 

Use your breath to regulate your physical and mental state on demand. Optimize your everyday breathing for peak performance and recovery. Become more resilient to stress, reach flow state under pressure, unlock your full potential, and cultivate a more balanced life.

I build on my experience of having worked as a lawyer for a big firm for almost 7 years: I mastered these challenges myself – with tools I now share in my work.

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Let's transform your life together

I work with my clients in German and English. 



Breathwork Sessions

Transform your life with my breathwork sessions: release stress & blocks, find clarity, recharge your battery, and improve your resilience. Groups and 1:1, in person & online. 

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Corporate Breathwork

Deeply experience the transformative power of the breath: release stress & blocks, find clarity, recharge your battery, and improve your resilience. In a tailored format, onsite & online. 

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1:1 Coaching

Individual breath coaching. I can also help you navigate other challenges, in particular: elevate resilience, establish new habits, transform limiting beliefs, and work smarter. 

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Corporate Workshops

Learn to use your breath to regulate your physical & mental state. Optimize your everyday breathing for peak performance & recovery. In a tailored format, onsite and online.

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What my clients say


“I did a workshop with Jan. I particularly liked the very accessible and direct description of the breathing techniques and the trusting atmosphere. My most important takeaway is realizing that 'recollection' of seemingly obvious activities like breathing can be very helpful for emotional access and control. Try it out, it works immediately.


- Germany


The workshop with Jan was a very high return with minimal time investment. In a very short time, you gain initial access to a very powerful tool: your breath. I particularly liked the practical exercises which were an exciting self-experiment. I use the breath intuitively to a certain extent to regulate my emotions without ever having thought of systematically tapping into its potential. Thanks for the great impulse – will continue!


– Germany


I had my first ever breathwork session with Jan. Great guidance, voice, and effect. I came out of full stress, with just enough time to throw off my jacket before the session started. The breathwork was an absolute mind changer, a very powerful reset button. It‘s amazing how you come down through breathing. I also arrived with pain in my body, which was gone after the session.


- Germany


I did a morning breathwork session with Jan. After that I felt calmer and clearer. The basic tension was gone. I was more focused, totally awake and ready for the packed day with an important board meeting.


- Germany

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